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                                                             Chaos Fire ~ good luck chaos and frankie!

Aether Wind ~ good luck aether, paul and maria!

                                                Athena Parthenos ~ good luck athena, carey and carey's dad!


                                                      Chronos Ananke  ~  Good luck Chronos and Brenda!

                                                          Erebus Shadow ~ Good luck Erebus and Jimmy!


                                                              Gaia Storm ~ Good luck Gaia and Edmund!


 Alphao Khesed ~ Good luck Alphao and Norman!

 Beta Tiferet ~ Good luck Beta and Miss Bonham!

 Gammao Ketero ~ Good luck Gammao and Angelo!

Delta Gevurah ~ Good luck Delta and Eugene!

Theta Malchut ~ Good luck Theta and Raymond!

Eta Yesod ~ Good luck Eta and Bozena!

Epsilon Daat ~ Good luck Epsilon and Tony!

Zeta Binah ~ Good luck Zeta and Selena!