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We have over 20+ years experience in both horse and dog breeding of various different breeds mainly the Siberian Husky (we family bred for 10 years solid) and the Iberian Appiano horse, a 50% cross of PRE Andalusian horse, 25% Homozygous Appaloosa and 25% Homozygous Tobanio coloured (heavyweight) a high stepping performance horse both coloured and spotted with the nature and frame of the Andalusian but with slightly more bone (we bred for 7 years) but our roots go back to two very different lifestyles, The Thoroughbred racehorse breeders / trainers and the Romani gypsies, these two lifestyles merged together by star-crossed lovers Elizibeth and Bernard Rolph almost 70 years ago, Elizibeth being the young daughter of a respected Romani family and Bernard being the heir to a large and sucessful racehorse stud who spent his whole life breeding and training the Thoroughbred racehorse, deep in study in university or travelling the world on his fathers business. Love bonded them together from the moment they saw each other so much so that Bernard renounced his lifestyle and threw himself at the mercy of Elizibeth's fathers feet to beg for her hand in marriage. Elizibeth and Bernard together shaped who we as a family and as a person are today, our love of animals and each other. Our name comes from the cornish version of cotehele, cotehele meaning the creek in the woods (Gaelic) it is named after a very special best friend of ours, one of our very first racehorses a 17hh fire red chesnut irish bred steeplechaser mare who grew up in the heart of the cornish countryside, a truely beautiful person who had a truely terrible life but never stopped giving, sadly we lost her to cancer a few years back, in honor of her life and spirit we use her name in true cornish - Koesheyl.